Quality Policy

Quality In Everyone Returning Home Safely Everyday

FireKool is committed to the delivery of quality products and services. The objective of our quality policy that forms a part of our vision are:

  1. Our Policy is to create success for our clients by identifying their needs and providing cost effective, innovative and value adding solutions.
  2. We are committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our products, services and established quality management system.
  3. We ensure reliability in fire & security systems and our customers know they can depend on us to be there when needed.

Health And Safety

FireKool holds health and safety as core business value and is committed to creating a future free of incident and injuries, where:

Every business must take its Health & Safety obligations seriously to ensure staff welfare and business reputation. We are competent to assist in managing these requirements for you. From developing your Health & Safety Plan, undertaking your Fire Risk Assessment and providing 24/7 support, we can guide you through. Our Fire Risk Assessor is a fully qualified member of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers. Every employee of FIREKOOL is required to support and promote this policy.

We take pride in everyone returning home safely everyday.

Leadership, passion and commitment are present at all levels; working safely enhances quality, improves productivity and generates value. Attitude and behavior replaces statistics as a measure of success.People are enabled to make safe choice about their own and neighbour’s safety and to challenge the environment in which they work. Good safety behavior is admired, respected and recognised across the organization. Peer pressure has replaced policing and acting unsafely is anti-social. We have a well trained and fully competent work force who actively contributes to the safe planning of their work.